June in Review

A lot of beautiful moments happened in June, some I was a part of, and some I stepped away from, watching them flourish on their own. There were world events I had nothing to do with, but was so happy to witness (one allowed me to keep my health insurance, which I’ve had for a year and a half after having no health insurance for almost 5 years; the other allowed many friends, who previously could not, to legally affirm their love, and also, I’m assuming, get on their partner’s insurance if needed).

There was much to feel helpless and angry about, as a seemingly usual daily occurrence with our 24 hour news cycles and a whole lot of hate fueled by fear. There was the hour and a half where I couldn’t stop crying, the tears beginning to roll down my cheeks as I stepped out of my car and carrying on until after the end of the Asheville AME church solidarity service that spoke of coming together, and healing, healing, healing (I think many months of pent up sadness about so many painful things happening in the world finally shoved its way to the surface).

I continued to push my boundaries by attempting deeper and truer acceptance of others, while facing many situations that taught me I have to commit wholeheartedly to speaking my truth, and doing this with as much grace and compassion as possible. I learned I want more ease in my life, and that receptivity is something I put up walls against, and that ain’t doing me no favors.

What did YOU learn about you?

Here’s part of what I loved about June, in photos and videos:

MANNA’s Blue Jean Ball

For the first time in four years, I missed MANNA Food Bank’s Blue Jean Ball on June 6th. But my choreography made an appearance, as Diana McCall and I choreographed this 9-minute routine for 12 ladies, some of whom had never performed before. They did an awesome job (and I’ll upload a video here when I get a copy of it). In the meantime, there’s this incredible photo of Jen Ferre.

Reynolds High School

I taught a quick Bhangra workshop at A.C. Reynolds High School on June 11, their field day and last day of school. I was impressed with how many kids participated, with so much going on and the sun beating down!


Colourfield Open House

Colourfield, where I teach about half of my classes, finally opened its doors to the general public on June 13th. Us dance teachers gave short workshops and performances to those who came by. Here, I’m teaching a little Jazzy Showgirl to some Burlesque dancers. Photo MCW Photography.


Pritchard Park

Pritchard Park World Dance Presentation, June 17th. A collaboration between LEAF Community Arts and the Asheville Downtown Association, and, well, me.

Here’s a little video from the end of the presentation, when the kids flooded into the park…


Darkness and light

From the FB invite for the service: We Are Charleston
From the FB invite for the service: We Are Charleston

Starting the steps toward healing. I felt grateful to be in the overflow section of the church for this solidarity service, because so many from the Asheville community showed up. Let’s continue to work on the healing.


Pride and Happiness

Photo by: Jennifer Mesk Photography
Photo by: Jennifer Mesk Photography

After the Supreme Court verdict came in on June 26th, in downtown Asheville.


Organic Armor
Screen shot 2015-06-29 at 3.28.56 PM

Modeling a breast plate for Organic Armor. You can purchase it here.


*Bonus video…

This one is actually from May, but I was so proud of this little viral video of a surprise flash mob performance I choreographed for Julie L.’s wedding. Enjoy how much fun the participants are having!


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